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wijmo.vue2.grid.grouppanel Module

Contains Vue 2 and 3 components for the wijmo.grid.grouppanel module.




WjGroupPanel: any

Vue component for the wijmo.grid.grouppanel.GroupPanel control.

The component supports all properties and events of the pure JavaScript wijmo.grid.grouppanel.GroupPanel control it represents.

The component includes an initialized event that is raised when the control is initialized after it is added to the page. You can use this event to perform further initialization in addition to setting properties in markup. The signature of the handler function is the same as any other Wijmo event handlers.

The example below shows how to instantiate and connect a wijmo.grid.grouppanel.GroupPanel and a wijmo.grid.FlexGrid in Vue:

  placeholder="Drag columns here to create Groups">
var app = new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  // connect group panel and grid
  mounted: function () {
    var panel = wijmo.Control.getControl(document.getElementById('thePanel'));
    var grid = wijmo.Control.getControl(document.getElementById('theGrid'));
    panel.grid = grid;